College Connect Industry Experience Badges

Use College Connect to further your career and build your business by purchasing your Industry Experience Badge. 

This badge will appear on your profile, and will set your profile apart so that other members can easily and visibly identify those who are new to an industry (and may benefit from mentorship or career growth opportunities) and those who are experienced (and may be valuable business contacts or well suited to a referred piece of work).

Here’s what you get for your annual badge fee: 

  1. Visibility: members of College Connect will be able to see your industry experience at a glance. This sets you apart and provides valuable insight into your experience and at what stage you are in your career lifespan;
  2. Communication: we’ll add you to a private group on College Connect and on Whatsapp. These groups will promote networking between badgeholders, we’ll also communicate special offers, as well as early information about networking events and opportunities;
  3. Profile Development: you will receive a personal invitation from Sue Buchanan-Clarke (College Connect Manager) to set up a 30-minute introduction call or face to face meeting. She will evaluate your online profile, discuss your business and career needs, and assist you in developing your profile to maximise benefits;
  4. Priority: as a badge holder, you will be prioritise for business referrals and employment opportunities;
  5. Networking Opportunities: You will receive a personal invitation to College Connect Business breakfasts in your area, as well as an invitation to two key annual College Connect events.

Categories and pricing listed in the table below: 

For ay questions or for more information, contact