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Your annual subs are an essential contribution to ensuring that we can continue to serve you by running a vibrant and relevant Association. We want to continue to create good opportunities for Old Boys to stay in touch with each other and enjoy the camaraderie and friendship founded during their school years, as well as to continue playing a significant role in the future of College.

We believe that College is one of the few state schools that has retained its traditions, values, high standard of education and ability to offer a fantastic all-round educational experience. However, for this to continue, it is extremely important that all Old Collegians remain involved with the Association, and through that, the school. Your support with regards to the payment of subs is vital to ensure we can keep the channels of communication open, keep the office staffed and professionally run and that regular branch functions and other events are able to be organised through the office.

Please Note:

We reconcile subscription payments on a monthly basis. If you have paid and your name is not listed, please contact

If you sign an annual direct debit order using the link below, this is a one off exercise. Once complete, your fee of R450 will be collected the month after signing and you are then paid up for the year. Thereafter you will receive a courtesy email reminder every year in January, to remind you that your subs payment will be collected in February.

*New page coming soon with payment information in an improved, easy to use format. 

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