Executive Committee

The Role of the MCOBA Executive Committee

The role of the Old Boys’ Executive Committee (Exec) is to guide the MCOBA on all operational activities to ensure that the MCOBA delivers the benefits and events for its members annually. In addition, it sets the strategic direction for the MCOBA while making sure that it is aligned with the Constitution and the needs of the greater College community and associated bodies, while making sure that the traditions and ethos of the MCOBA is maintained.

The Exec champions the position of the Old Collegians and ensures that the best interests of the MCOBA are represented. The Exec meets regularly under the leadership of the President to ensure that these goals are achieved. The Exec is voluntary, and elected through a nomination process in the Annual General Meeting. We want the Exec itself to be representative of its members and diverse in skills and resources.


The benefits of joining the Maritzburg College Old Boys’ community are both in unifying the OB community – but also in ensuring the continued standards of excellence in the Maritzburg College of today.

Pay Your Subs

The Maritzburg College Old Boys’ Association uses subs from OCs to provide invaluable resources, services, and value to our school. This maintains the prestige and high standing of our school into the future.


With members around the world, there is always a lot on the go at the Maritzburg College Old Boys’ Association. We pride ourselves on keeping our global network of OCs connected and updated.

Contact Us

If you have any queries relating to membership, how to update your details, subs payment, upcoming events, or would simply just like to get in touch, please feel free to contact the MCOBA office.

Current Executive Committee Members


Andrew Clayton
066 282 5664

Vice President

Jon Hoatson

Immediate Past President

Grant Little

Honorary Secretary

Warren Smith

Honorary Treasurer

Rodney Klute


Mark Daniel

Strategy Support

Seko Buthelezi


Bruce Lesur & Peter Rodseth


Shane Oosthuizen


Devin Galtrey

Membership & Participation Support

Grant Hooper & Craig Orchard


Membership & Participation for Under 30’s

Thabiso Maphanga & Jesse Clark 


Grant Reed

Operations Manager

Melba Nzimande
063 473 4965

Ex Officio


Chris Luman

College Business

Kevin Smith

School Liason

Matthew Marwick

Commercial Director

Wayne Evans

History of the Maritzburg College Old Boys' Association

The Maritzburg College Old Boys’ Association was founded in 1897, giving scholars an enduring opportunity to celebrate and entrench the camaraderie and brotherhood of their school years. In operation for over 100 years, the MCOBA has played a prominent role in fostering an esprit de corps amongst thousands of Old Collegians. 

The association also plays a key role in the Maritzburg College of today – in the preservation of the prestige generations of OCs have felt when they think of their school years. The support of MCOBA members is elemental in providing resources, services, and value to our great school and deserving scholars. The MCOBA has also helped and guided successive headmasters and governing bodies in making fundamental decisions and formulating central policies that affect our alma mater.

The MCOBA history is entwined in the history of Maritzburg College as a whole. The school strikes a balance between heritage and progress – offering modern facilities for the success of modern young men. For every College boy, for every Old Collegian, our futures are enriched by our history.