OC To Row The North Atlantic Challenge

The North Atlantic Challenge is a 4000 mile (6437 km) solo row from Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA to La Trinite’ Sur-Mer, France. This expedition across the North Atlantic ocean is set to take place in May 2022. One of our own, OC Peter Harley (Class of 1977) is taking on this extraordinary challenge.

Meet the man behind the row: Peter humbly lives for adventure, he is passionate about animals, wildlife and the conservation of our natural world. He is determined to complete the solo row from the US Atlantic to France.

“I will be 61 by the end of next week. Age really is just a number as far as one’s mental approach is concerned, not only in sporting events, but other aspects of life as well. Age, however, will inevitably play a role in any physically demanding endurance event which I am mindful of, so the physical preparation and training really is key for an older person. I believe, with the correct and ever important mental approach, sometimes seemingly impossible tasks can be achieved,” said Harley.

He still thinks fondly of his home turf and will be flying the South African flag high during the challenge.

While there is a huge amount of planning to do during the preparation ahead of his row, Harley said: “On the crossing, undoubtedly the physical and mental challenges will be the ones to overcome. There will be others such as shipping traffic near Virginia and France, and possible breakdowns on the boat with equipment. That will be the time to, as South Africans say, ’make a plan’,” he said.

Harley hopes that by completing the race, he would “offer inspiration to others to challenge themselves at whatever level they feel comfortable”, and that “doing something out of one’s comfort zone is not only an exciting challenge, but becomes that person’s extraordinary event and achievement”.

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The MCOBA wishes Peter well on his incredible journey. Good lucky, Sir!