Solar Installation at Maritzburg College

Key role players in College’s solar installation; L-R Mr Chris Luman (College Headmaster), Mr Andrew Clayton (President: Maritzburg College Old Boys’ Association (MCOBA), Mr Sven Jager (Chairman: Maritzburg College Old Boys’ Trust), Mr Bruce Lesur (MCOBA Vice President) in front of College’s Alan Paton Memorial Hall.

Maritzburg College takes the lead in an environmentally responsible solar energy installation

“Multi-purpose venue” took on a whole new meaning for College’s Alan Paton Memorial Hall, as in addition to housing two indoor basketball courts and serving a multi-purpose venue for the school, this is now home to the school’s newly installed solar panel system. 

As a school that is 100% committed to being environmentally responsible, Maritzburg College is proud to showcase its latest initiative – the installation of solar panels covering the roof of the school’s Alan Paton Memorial Hall. The installation of the panels was completed in December 2021 and the system is already fully operational. The College team believes in clean green renewable energy wherever possible. Its primary goal was to reduce College’s carbon footprint, and meet its biggest demand during daylight hours. This installation gives the school an uninterrupted power supply should the ESKOM grid default.

Aerial shot of the impressive array of solar panels on the roof of Maritzburg College’s Alan Paton Memorial Hall

Renewable energy reduces the use of fossil fuels that add to pollution in the country, and as a responsible and environmentally conscious organisation, the school is committed to play its part in assisting ESKOM by reducing demand on their infrastructure that is severely under pressure.

College is now generating up to 212 KW of renewable energy from the sun. Its current demand of 75% of the harnessed daylight power reduces reliance on ESKOM-generated power. In addition to the school’s nearly 500 boarders, College has 52 teachers residing on campus with their families, all now on renewable energy, providing a significant financial cost saving.

 Funding for this R2.5 million project came from the school’s Old Boys Association (which celebrates its 125th anniversary this year) and the Maritzburg College Old Boys Trust, for which the school is extremely grateful.

Key benefits going forward will be securing a stable power supply for  the 25 hectare campus, needed to support the education of around 1340 boys, while reducing the school’s dependence on a very expensive and uneconomical generator, and of course, greatly improving the school’s carbon footprint.

Maritzburg College is proud to continue to lead the way in this significant cost-saving and environmentally conscious initiative.