Work experience in 5th form turns into a lifetime passion

Simon “Sheik” T-B Huinink

We are thrilled to share the latest update from Simon Ten-Bokkel Huinink (OC 2017) and look forward to keeping you updated with his fascinating work in conservation and wildlife translocation.

Simon has been working at Tracy & Du Plessis Game Capture and Conservation Solutions (founded by Kester Vickery, the continent’s leading wildlife translocation specialist) since work experience at College in 5th form, 2016.

Simon recently took a team of 20 staff from Hluhluwe, South Africa to Zakouma National Park, Chad to capture 900 buffalo and move them West to another park.

This will be Simon’s 3rd and final year at UFS Bloem as he completes his B Agric (majoring in Wildlife Management).

This is an incredible example of how opportunities early on can turn into lifelong passions and a dream career.

Simon and team en route to Zakouma National Park