The Start of a New Year for MCOBA

Welcome message from MCOBA President, Mr Grant Little

Reunion is a highlight and a memorable occasion for all involved, whether it is as a boy running on to Goldstones and playing your heart out for those spectators in stripy blazers; whether it is a young lad looking at awe at these huge men in the Red Black & White that they hope to be one day; or a parent enjoying the festival atmosphere around the campus, or an Old Boy returning to the old walls after a decade or more. It ignites something in each and every one of us, a sense of belonging, a sense of gratitude for the platform that was provided by our parents and guardians that gave us a foundation on which to build where we are today.

Linking arms with your fellow Old Collegians to perform the “Number 1” of Jimelayo-Ji, some known, most total strangers and a range of ages from those 19 year olds of the recent class through to those wizened greybeards that were legends even in your day. The first call of “Jimelayo” – greeted by the deep throated “Ji” of a thousand men stirs our bellies and lets us know – we are men of College; we are part of a brotherhood that no one can tear from us.

With the scourge of COVID having affected so many gatherings, and the possibility of school sport with spectators still a distant dream, the Reunion in May which was planned to be a “Double Whammy” to make up for the lost 2020 Reunion has now also needed to be called off. As you will read later, we are mobilising now to deliver an event at short notice, once we get the green light from the authorities regarding school sport being back (not the traditional Reunion – but as they say, you can’t keep a good man down and we’ll be doing whatever we can to make sure we can share a few stories and beverages together).

I also want to welcome each and every new 2nd Form family to the College community, and most especially those fathers and grandfathers who have returned now as parents and family with youngsters walking those same corridors that you once did. May you enjoy the time that your boys are here and I trust that you will embrace the time together. I encourage you to get involved in some way, make sure that you are there to support your boy as he participates and encourage him to embrace all College has to offer. I sincerely hope that you too will find a way to get involved, either flipping burgers at Kwela’s Corner, or assisting on one of the various committees.

The AGM will be on 22nd of April and will once more take a virtual form of a Zoom meeting. Please ensure that you have paid your subs so that you too can vote as a full member.

Time: Apr 22, 2021 06:00 PM

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 984 3348 8284
Passcode: 382336

We continue to strive to deliver value to you as our fellow Old Collegians and have embarked on a year where DELIVERY, ENGAGEMENT and COMMUNICATION will be the guiding principles for us. Please make sure that the office has your updated details, that you engage in the various quick fire surveys so that we have a better understanding of your needs and whether we are meeting them.

I look forward to a great month ahead and wish you and your family a safe and successful 2021.

Pro Aris et Focis

Grant Little
President MCOBA