Sandiso Dlamini- Thank You Speech

Pictured above from left to right: Ryan Pretorius, JP Du Toit, Jon Hoatson, Kevin Walpey, Keith Steinbank, Lee Kalitz, Justin Cross, Everett Duarte, John Gowar, Justin Kyle, Murray raw (Class of 1998 – Legacy Fund), Front: Sandiso Dlamini (Class of 2023)

Good evening Class of 1998 and everyone In attendance.

My name is Sandiso Dlamini, and I stand here before you all feeling ever so honoured and grateful.

A legacy is something-that is passed on, generation to generation.

My Journey

My journey started when I was in primary school at Merchiston Prep in grade 6 under the leadership of the late Mr. Beatar. As a new boy at the school, I was privileged to be mentored and taken care of by the kind-hearted Mrs. Steinbank. The confidence she instilled in me opened my eyes to the realisation of my true potential, that it is ok to be yourself which is the legacy she left behind. Upon hearing that I would be the recipient of the class of 1998 Legacy Fund I was elated and especially grateful to Mrs. Steinbank.

Mr. Thembela

Mr. Thembela is a man of honesty, integrity and fairness. Mr. Thembela knew how to connect with the boys and the boy’s respected him for that. Mr. Thembela taught me to never settle for less in life and business:

•Actions must speak louder than your words

•Don’t take crap from anyone

•Be a man of your word

“When someone points a gun at your face, you take out a bigger one, or you call a bluff, or you do any one of a hundred and forty-six other things”. Find a solution to a problem, be that hustler.

* Mr. Thembela was also man who told me to have fun and enjoy the ride of my college career and whatever I do with my career and make memories.

That is the legacy he left behind with me

Mr Emerson

Mr. Emerson is one of the most feared teachers in the Boarding Establishment.

* Mr Emerson always does his job with pride and honour. He respects the position of being Head of Boarding and First Team hockey coach he is confident about everything he does and says

* “Appearance matters a lot” Mr. Emerson always dresses like a gentleman. He carries himself with respect and high regards. Mr. Emerson doesn’t have to say too much during boarding assemblies, as soon as he walks in, everyone knows what they are supposed to do (be quiet) plus his name says it all (the boys call him Big E)

* Mr Emerson is a man of class

That is the legacy Mr. Emerson left with me.

Mrs. Chantall Van Der Merwe

Chantall is my scholarship mom who looks after me and checks up on me most of the time.

* Chantall is a person who allows you to make mistakes and learn from them

* She is very kind and caring person.


Thank you for being the voice of reason and for always advising me to do the small things right and always keeping working hard. That hard work will always pay off. The small things you’ve taught me about manners has made a big impact in my life.

Growth & experience

Coming into high school, I was extremely nervous, especially about Borver Week. However, the welcome and support that I felt around me given by Mr. Shaun Randles and the Foundation of College Old Boys turned all the nervousness into eagerness to become a College Boy myself. My growth Started when I was in second form, after all the suffering we went through as a form I knew that the only way to survive was to put my head down and stay together as a form. I learnt how to work as a team. I also experienced that in the big world you are nothing, you have to make a name for yourself in order to be someone and be known. I experienced a feeling of not being in grade 7, I wasn’t the big shot anymore. I learnt that you need to earn your way to the top (privileges) and you earn respect.

Then 2020 and 2021 (Covid times)

Covid brought a lot of challenges, and it required a lot of self-discipline. Lockdown was tough, but I was I fortunate to have the right resources to stay online and work from home, working from home was hard and easy. The easy part was that you only did some of the work and the tests were online, the hard part was when the teacher wasn’t present to teach and explain the work. When we had to return back to school it was tough. It was weird. Trying to get back to routine and getting the self-discipline back. During Covid I wish I could learn something new, new skills.

My legacy

My grade 11 year was probably the most important and memorable year. This year provided the opportunities of being appointed Shouting Captain. Every Saturday morning on Papes getting the boys fired up for the Red Army. It was a great feeling. I was also appointed Boarder Prefect for Shepstone House,  a title I hold with pride. The legacy I hope to leave as a Shouting Captain would be, for boys to understand what is a team and brotherhood, working together to achieve a common goal whilst having fun.  As a boarder prefect the legacy I would like to leave in Shepstone House would be, that in life as a growing boy you can take chances, but actions have consequences. Also being firm and fair. Also, the boy who always presented himself with confidence.

A boy that knows how to connect with boys and understands.

A boy that makes a difference.

A boy named Sandiso Dlamini


Grade 11 was memorable time of meeting the right group of friends. This support network brought about a sense of belonging. These are my group of friends: Mihle Radebe, Zethembe Mongoose, Owethu Mjaja, Cameron Ndlela, liyema Zembe, Tristan Davis,Bryce Hage and Asanda khumalo. These are my brothers that have thought me everything about loyalty and what is a friend.

My family

Family is not an important thing. It’s everything. I would like to acknowledge what my Mom has sacrificed in her life and time just to support me.

* Mom you’ve been a star and a role model.

I would like to thank my loving and beautiful family for being part of my teenage journey. They have been there through the tuff times and good times, that would have brought me to where I am today.

The Legacy Fund

To the Class of 1998, thank you.

I know it’s been a long journey for you (a whole 5 years), taking your time to invest in my education and future. Thank you for all the effort of thinking about me and worrying about me.

Thank you for all the financial, emotional and academic support;

Thank you for caring;

Thank you for allowing me to be part of these great brick walls, the shelter, and the experience you have given me here has been wonderful.

This investment has allowed me to learn a lot about being a boy to a man, being in a brotherhood, being part of a great structure.